Some people call my career fascinating, even bewildering.  I don’t know about that, but I’ll accept interesting.  Here’s a list of my jobs held at one time or another. Alphabetical order avoids ranking by “importance,” longevity or anything else.  And since nothing is ever wasted, readers of TWENTIETH CENTURY LIMITED and FLIGHT PATH may glimpse some of these waypoints as the stories roll by.

  • bartender
  • cook
  • consultant – aviation, education
  • encyclopaedia salesman
  • folksinger
  • gas station attendant
  • grocery clerk
  • hat salesman
  • house cleaner
  • lawyer – law firm, company attorney, general counsel
  • lawyer – state and federal government agencies
  • letter carrier – u.s. mail
  • librarian
  • office clerk
  • pin setter
  • professional photographer
  • ski instructor
  • university administrator, professor
  • waiter
  • writer
  • youth counselor, coach

Missing from this list is journalist. This I regret, for I hold that profession and some number of its practitioners in great esteem. Same comment as to military service.

Incidentally, my preparation for all this included Holy Cross College, Harvard’s Kennedy School, Harvard Law School and the University of California Berkeley.

Born in Providence R.I., living in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Married to Barbara, with daughter Annie and son Andrew, son-in-law Arthur Jemison, and three terrific grandchildren – Oscar, Malcolm and Reed.